Monday, 25 April 2011

The Last Red Atlas Song

But this is the last Red Atlas song. I can't remember if it ever had a tune (looking at its atypical structure I suspect not). The stench of self-hatred is pretty strong here. I should open a window.

Don’t trust yourself
You will trip you up

If you pulled back that cowl,
The waxy skin, the stippled jowls,
The spectre of mortality,
Would look a lot like you and me,

A slow start in the morning,
Angry coughing in the cold,
Dry bones crack like kindling,
The mirror yawns: you’re old,

Don’t trust yourself,
You’re a traitor.
Every autobiography must have,
An unreliable narrator,
Don’t trust yourself,
You’re death’s collaborator,
Lord Haw- Haw reads the eulogy,
From squares of sugar paper,

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