Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What is The Higgins Nobody Knows?.

I've been in bands since I was fifteen years old. Not constantly and certainly not seriously (though at times far more seriously than I let on) and during that time I have written an awful lot of songs and a lot of awful songs. But not always; sometimes my lyrics have been, I think, worthy of a wider audience than say the crescent of visible floorboard in front of each Red Atlas gig or a 16 year old girl from California I added to my Myspace page late one night and who thinks the music is "awesome".

So this is really an outlet for my lyrical prowess. There may well be music on here too at some point if I can work out how you do it but for the moment it will just be the simple elegance of curling black letters on white. Check the kerning.

I shall also add an approximate date for the lyric, which band or project it is for and any other local colour I deem appropriate. This is just our little secret. Sssh.

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